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Driving Transformation through Generations

The Sing Lun Story

Founded by Mr. Lee Chee Hung, together with friends and relatives in 1951, Sing Lun was started as a textile trading company at its original location along Circular Road.

In 1968 December, Mr. Lee Chee Hung’s third son Mr. Patrick Lee, joined the company, and together with his siblings (Mr David Lee, Albert Lee, Steven Lee & Ms Jenny Lee and Marge Lee) spearheaded into the apparel manufacturing business.

In 1999, the third generation Mr. Mark Lee (son of Mr. Patrick Lee) joined the family business.  It was also during the 2000s period, that Sing Lun started its diversification into other business sectors - Industrial, Investments and Real Estate

Today, the values of the company remains clear. The family believes long term sustainability can only be achieved if we apply our 3Rs core values:

  1. Staying Resolute and focused always

  2. Be Responsible to all our stake holders, not just our shareholders

  3. Always be Respectful to all family members (regardless whether they are active participants in the family business), our shareholders/partners and stakeholders (such as our employees, suppliers and community that we are engaged in)


Our values have allowed Sing Lun to transform through the generations and for the company to continue contributing to Singapore through the decades.

Sing Lun was recognized as one of Singapore’s 50 major local companies, many of them household names, at the Singapore Golden Jubilee Business Awards in 2015.

Mr Patrick Lee, our current Chairman was also honored as one of 28 Chinese businessmen in the SG50 Outstanding Chinese Business Pioneer Awardees for displaying virtues of pioneering spirit and for outstanding and sustained contributions to Singapore's economic, national and social development.

The family believes that the journey is just the beginning. As the baton is passed from the 2nd generation to the 3rd, Sing Lun still have a long journey to go. However, by upholding the spirit of entrepreneurship that our forefathers have taught us, adopting the strong work ethics that was passed down, the willingness to make necessary changes to adapt to the new environment and adhering unfailingly to the family values that have tied us together, Sing Lun will continue to thrive and prosper for generations more to come.


Sing Lun shall never forget our roots, but will let our branches reach new heights of industries.

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